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Just like an ill-fitting suit bought off the rack versus a tailored suit measured exactly to fit, there is nothing better than owning your own custom built drum kit. A drum kit that starts production once you’ve requested it. Shell sizes, shell material, kit configuration, hoops, finish, etc. all designed to your specifications. A drum kit designed and built specifically for you.

Black Crown Music is very selective in which company we align with for our custom drums. We are aware that there are many drum manufacturers making custom drums all over the world. We have seen some very good products and we’ve been given opportunities and still continue to receive opportunities to represent some of them. It’s an interesting, exciting, and dynamic industry and there certainly are plenty of choices for drummers looking for custom drums.

At Black Crown Music we represent Mair/Ming composite drums to our North American customers. Mair/Ming drums provides outstanding custom drum options while ensuring and delivering exceptional quality and value.

And for those looking for an outstanding electronic drum kit, we are very pleased to represent XM eDrums to our customers throughout North America.

Back to the ill-fitting suit, do your drums actually fit you properly? If not, then here’s a great opportunity for you to get yourself a fine affordable brand name custom drum kit built specifically for you using the best shells, hardware and finishes and manufactured by some of today’s best and most experienced custom drum designers, technicians and craftsman.

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